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Holy hell. How did I get 100 followers?

No joke, I’ve hit 100 followers and I am completely befuddled as to what I’m posting/posted that garnered that much attention aha. Either way thanks to everyone that’s following me, I’ll try to make this a blog worth following by doing what I always do! Posting without having a clue what I’m doing!

Dat Blood Moon

I didn’t get the hype til I saw it. So much hype now. The Blood Moon demands a sacrifice! We shall sacrifice Goat Simulator’s Demon Goat in the Blood Moon’s name!

NEW GAME HYPE! This limited edition is sweet! That poster is huge, the artbook is great, and obviously NEW GAME! That figma took me longer than I care to admit to put together.

Log Horizon Finale

Today marks the end of season 1 of Log Horizon. I have to say it was an incredible adaptation of the first five volumes of the light novel and I’m very happy to see that it got greenlit for a second season THIS FALL! SO SOON! VERY CLOSE AT HAND! It goes to show how incredible this series is!

A little late this week cause I was too busy to actually take screenshots and post em (Aka I was gaming too hard and just watched the episode as I gamed). But here’s some Nisekoi glory! Raku is one lucky lucky bastard! Here comes the CURVUUU~

My rendition of the helix at school. His ways shall never go away.

My rendition of the helix at school. His ways shall never go away.

The chaotic battlefield of an unintentional double date. You pity the fool, yet envy him at the same time.

Before hell broke loose in this episode of Log Horizon!